Sunday, November 15, 2009

My jewelled heels

Friday night we had a work function to mark the changeover from our current Head of Department to the new one, who takes up his responsibilities in February 2010. It was quite a flash affair; dinner, speeches, then a band and dancing afterwards. Everyone wore their LBDs and I finally had the chance to wear these shoes (photographed where left them after I kicked them off on arriving home afterwards):

If you look carefully you will see that the heels are covered in garnet-coloured rhinestones. One thousand four hundred and forty of them, give or take a few, each of which was glued in place by yours truly using my strongest reading glasses and tweezers. Under electric light they glitter and flash deep red sparkles, and were much admired by my colleagues. The shoes were some cheap $30 ones, and the rhinestones were super cheap because they were the last ten gross of the line - no possibility of matching them again.


  1. Alas....! Haven't got anything more powerful than those bifocals on my nose right now....

    If you say that they are there... then they are! LOL

  2. You can get a closer look if you click on the picture. It's a bit easier to see them then.