Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Healthy vege chips

At my friend Craig's birthday party the other day I tasted beetroot chips (which were delicious) that another guest made and brought with her. She told me how to make them, so I did, last night.

First get a couple of beetroots, and a carrot if you want …

… peel them, slice them as thinly as you can with a mandolin, and arrange on oven trays:

Salt and pepper them …

… then bake in a low oven (~120°C) for an hour or so. Peel the still slightly soft, paper-thin, slices off the trays and leave to cool, at which time they will be very crisp:

And that's it. They are scrumptious, healthy, and non-fattening. Store in an airtight container if there are any left to store.

The only down side is that they stick a bit - this is a tray with the bits I couldn't peel off:

Next time I think I'll use silicone baking mats.

1 comment:

  1. These chips are food for thought!

    maybe on top of greaseproof or parchment paper?