Sunday, October 11, 2009

More meaty goodness

My bridge friend Alec is having a "sausage sizzle" at his house next weekend to celebrate his dog's 15th birthday. Any excuse, I suppose - although he is very attached to the dog, who is a sickly wee thing (but very cute) and it's amazing she's made it to 15.

I made some sausages to take because pork shoulders were on special at the supermarket, at $7.99/kg. I made the sausage mixture pretty much the same as I did here,

but I then took out a little less than half of the mixture and added in some of this:

I smoked all of them …

… then chucked them in the freezer.

Then I decided to make a version of this recipe; I used kumara (sweet potato) instead of potato, and instead of beef soboro I made a chicken one, with sage and onion stuffing flavours.

I had some chicken boneless thighs which I chopped up finely (couldn't be bothered dirtying the mincer), along with a small onion, and some parsley, thyme and sage from the garden.

I browned it all, then decided it wasn't chopped small enough so I put it in the blender then slowly cooked it for a bit longer.

I used it to stuff a boiled and mashed kumara/flour mixture (which is exactly what I use for kumara gnocchi) …

… and formed little buns:

I've already eaten most of them, and they were supposed to be for lunches! Too scrummy.

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