Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Frock

Last January I bought five metres of poinsettia-patterned cotton from the quilting section at Spotlight. It was on post-Christmas sale at $1/metre, and I thought to myself I'd whip up a Christmas dress from it. People are always nagging at you to dress festively at Christmas for parties and suchlike, and reindeer antlers and tinsel earrings are not really my thing.

On Sunday I finally got around to making the dress. I only used two of the five metres of fabric, but the skirt is quite fitting (aka tight), so if I decide I want a fuller one I have the fabric there to fix it with. It does up at the low V- back with an old zip I salvaged from something else - you'd never know though.

Today we have our annual departmental strawberries and cream with "champagne" (Méthode Champenoise), so I wore my Christmas Frock to work. Here's the bodice part:

And here are the matching shoes I just bought today from No 1's sale:

I was wearing my red Django and Juliette dragonfly shoes to start with, but I got an email this morning telling me there was 40% off all ladies dress shoes at No1, so off I went. I'd had my eyes on a shocking pink pair for months, and it was now time to snap them up - and of course I found a couple of other pairs too. These ones are actually called "Poinsettia" - how could I not buy them?

They go with my frock perfectly!

Kevin at work, whose research is on plants and whose major interest is in anthocyanins, tells me that the cream poinsettias are mutants.


  1. 2 meters you say? 2 meters cannot cover my butt even!!

    Nice dress, nice shoes, new angle of picture taking?

    Merry Christmas!

    ps: youthful legs!

  2. Yes well, I said it was tight - I split the back seam as I was getting into my car to come home (thank goodness not earlier) today. I think I need to make the fuller version of the skirt before Christmas day!