Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yet more sensible sandals

This should have been yesterday's post. Totally forgot I hadn't worn these in years until I got home.

I bought them in I Love Paris, must be 20 years or so ago. They are very comfortable, and I used to wear them a lot.

This is the 90th different pair of shoes I've worn to work since I started on my "must wear all shoes" project. There are a few pairs that just won't get worn - I have a couple of pairs of "stripper shoes"; enormously high platforms and heels - and then there are the water shoes and the gumboots and some croc things I bought on my podiatrist's advice when I had heel-spurs and in which I'll not be seen in public. BUT there are still a good few pairs to go.


  1. Wow! 90th pair!

    BTW dont you just hate it when nice and seldom worn shoes just disintegrate on one when they are taken out, hopefully to be worn? I have this problem all the time.

  2. It's only happened to me once, and that pair of shoes once belonged to my stepmother and is well over 50 years old so it wasn't very surprising. I would think that the humidity in Malaysia would have something to do with your problem - you need an air conditioned and humidity controlled shoe cabinet:-)