Monday, January 18, 2010

Shoes from Adelaide 1

Today I'm wearing these shoes I bought in Adelaide in the post-Christmas sales:

$19.95, down from $95.95. I rather like them, but I had to bring some comfy shoes to work so I could go for my lunchtime walk.


  1. Hot! Hot! Hot!

    Dig the nail varnish color too!

    Why are they not comfy? too high heels or too tight cover?

  2. Too high heels. Feet sit at a funny angle too, a problem I often have with high shoes. Puts a huge strain on your ankles.

  3. is there a zip opening? how do you put them on?

    this pair I like!

  4. That strap has a snap fastening that undoes, making the tops loose enough to just pull on.

  5. This is C-helle from Just Bento. I wandered over here to look at your fudge recipes. Love the shoes!