Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend chores

We've been having such a rotten summer so far that my broad beans, which I usually pick and freeze before Christmas, are only just ready. The crop is fairly small too, because about half of the plants got amputated at ground level in a storm in September.

I picked what was there and ready yesterday, then podded them and froze them. It's always a bit dishertening when you start with a reasonably big pile of beans and end up with a reasonably big pile of pods:

and a couple of quite small bags of beans to freeze:

Pitting cherries is a bit better.

Mind you a fair number of them disappear into one's interior parts instead of into the freezer bag:

I think I pitted about 1.2 kg, and froze 900g.

The Spanish chorizo I started before I went to Adelaide did its thing happily while I was away, and I have these four sausages to take to Yoshio at work:

as well as another three for me to eat. Yoshio has been home to Japan with his wife and four kids for Christmas and is looking for some nice bento boxes for me while he's there. He's due back at work tomorrow, but has left the family in Japan for a few more weeks - how Mutsuko copes travelling with four small children plus the luggage they must require is beyond me.


  1. Oooh those sausages reminds me of chinese lap cheong (wax intestines! aka chinese sausages)!

    More oooooo - can't wait to see what bento boxes you gonna get!

  2. Neither can I. Yoshio, the kind and caring husband that he is, has left the stuff he got for me for Mutsuko to bring back, along with the four kids and all the luggage. Because he had to bring his golf clubs! If I'd known he was going to do that I'd not have let him get me anything, I feel so guilty burdening her even further.

    He was very appreciative of the chorizo though; I think he's planning on bingeing on beer and sausage while he's on his own.

    They do look a lot like chinese sausages, but they are not sweet. They're garlicky and spicy with smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.

  3. I think that's typical of Japanese males!