Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New boots

The motorcycle race meeting I went to a couple of weeks ago is quite a casual affair, it's run by what you might call an "outlaw biker gang" (the members of which include, however, two past New Zealand champion teams in speedway sidechair racing and several keen competitors in drag- and road-racing) who hire Manfield for an informal race meeting which is attended by riders of British, European and American motorcycles from all over New Zealand. They've been doing this annually for over thirty years, and have always had a women's race in the programme. The young lady who came third this year wore the most stunning pair of shoes to the prize-giving, so of course I had to find out where she got them. The answer was an English website: www.schuh.co.uk, and that they were not terribly expensive.

So I had to go and have a look, didn't I? And then I had to buy these boots, which were reduced from £99.99 to £45.

When you add the amazingly cheap £10 postage to get them half way around the world, that came to just NZ$120. It only took a week for them to get here too.

They're suede, lined with leather and fabric (quite cosy), made in Spain, have excellent pirate-type tops and three inch sort of triangular semi-wedge heels, neither of which you can see in this photo. Maybe this link will stay working so you can get a good look though - even though they've sold out.

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