Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jalapeño poppers for the freezer

I fell in love with jalapeño poppers in America. Horribly fattening as they are in most of their forms, they are sooo delicious.

We don't get jalapeños in big bins in the supermarket here; they are a real treat, purchased by the pepper at about $1 each. I got some from the Farmer's Market when I took Matthias in to town the other weekend. I was planning on popper-ising some and smoking some, but I ended up just popper-ising. And I froze them because I'm being quite good about my diet.

So, Some nice big jalapeños …

… and some Mexican chorizo from the freezer. It's been there a while and is a bit freezer burnt, but it's OK:

I defrosted and fried off the chorizo …

… then cooled it down a bit and mixed it with grated cheese:

I decapitated and deseeded the jalapeños …

… then stuffed them with the chorizo-cheese mixture:

Then I double crumbed them:

Getting the egg and crumbs to stick to a shiny pepper is not easy. After I finally managed to do it I looked up the internet for hints - turns out it sticks better if you run a citrus zester over the skin first - which makes sense. Then if you refrigerate the things between the two crumbings it's supposed to help too. Next time I'll know better.

Anyway, these are in the freezer waiting for me to be thinner - Although I'm wondering if they might be quite good baked instead of fried - they'd definitely be a lot less fattening - almost healthy even.


  1. Looks like a fried version of YongTauFoo!

    Q: can i still used expired expiry date sour cream and whipping cream?

  2. I do - but smell it first. If it smells OK it's OK.

  3. BTW - real jalapeño poppers are usually just stuffed with some sort of cheese, and then you dip them in sour cream - that's why they're so fattening. These ones are relatively healthy.