Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not cooking much

And this is why:

It's my first effort at designing a whole jersey and knitting it in one bit without seams. As you can see, I've knitted the body in the round up to the armholes, I've split it and finished knitting the back, and I've made a good start on the rest of the front. After I cast the shoulder fronts and backs off together I'll pick up stitches around the armholes and knit the sleeves down towards the wrists. I want to get it finished so I can wear it this winter, not next. It took me ages to decide what patterns to put on it, I was having problems envisioning them together. I'm pleased with how it looks though.

Another reason for not cooking much is I'm still trying not to eat too much. My weight loss came to a screaming halt despite me eating only 1200 Cal per day net. No weight lost at all for about three weeks. Very disheartening. However, I gave my body a bit of a shock last weekend by eating these …

…on Good Friday. Four for breakfast, three for lunch, two for snacks, and three for dinner. Quite a few calories, but still not enough to put my weekly average into weight-gain territory, and lo and behold, I've started losing again.

I also finally got sick of my two jars of fig jam sitting on the bench unlabelled, so I opened up my Avery Label software and made these:

The jam is now where it should be; on a pantry shelf.

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  1. Good Job Bronwyn on all your projects!

    Your jar labels look very professional!