Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shoes from Palmerston North

And very cool new tights from England.

The second day of my recent visit to Palmerston North my friends and I went into town to go to their weekly pub lunch. I was wearing my purple-with-green-braid-pattern-up-the-back tights and these shoes …

… Just as we pulled up to the pub I happened to notice that the leather on my shoe had split, just at the base of the big toe on my right foot, where a bunion would be if I had one.

There happens to be a mall full of shoe shops just across the road from this particular pub, so I ran across intending to get some cheap but whole shoes that I could wear for the rest of the day. Anyway, I was about to purchase a pair of black flats when I saw these:

The flowers on the sides of those wide elastic straps are exactly the same colours as my purple-etc tights. It was a sign that I had to have them, even though it meant walking around motorbike workshops for the rest of the day in 3 inch heels. They are, however, wedges, and uncommonly comfortable for heels that high. I have actually worn them since while going for lunchtime exercise walks!

They also go rather well with my new tights from England that look like skyscrapers.

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  1. Cannot decide which I love better...!

    The shoes or them awesome tights!