Saturday, July 23, 2011

Waffles 2

Crispy waffles this time. I had owned the crispy waffle iron for years and never used it. At least, that's not quite true. I used it once, but the results were inedible (mostly melted out all over the stove) so that doesn't count.

I thought it was possible that I could use this waffle iron to make waffle ice cream cones, so I searched the internet for crispy waffle recipes. The most hopeful one was this stroopwafel recipe. I had found proper waffle cone recipes before, but they were the things which melted out all over the stove so I wanted an alternative.

Stroopwafels are easy as pie to make.

Dry ingredients into a bowl …

… add butter …

… rub in until breadcrumb-like …

… add egg and milk …

… and work to a stiff dough:

Heat waffle iron …

… take smallish ball of dough …

… flatten slightly and put in hot waffle iron …

… squash …

… cook on both sides

… until done:

See all the goo around the gas burner? That's melted butter, it all melted out of the sides of the iron. I suspect you could use quite a bit less than is in the recipe!

The waffles were too thick to roll into cones (they cracked), but were none the less delicious.

I took most of them to work, and Fabienne, who is Belgian, was delighted. She said they really took her back to her Mum's kitchen.

I made 1/3 of the following recipe, and I didn't do the syrup part. That would have been just too sweet for me.

Original recipe from Stroopwafel Shop.

Ingredients: waffles (12 pieces):   
300g caster sugar
450g butter
3 eggs
3 sp milk
600g flour

600g cane-sugar syrup
300g butter
Mix the sugar with the eggs, milk, flour, cinnamon, salt and the butter sliced in pieces. Make 12 small balls.
Preheat the waffle iron. Squeeze a paste ball in the iron. Bake the waffle in about 30 seconds.
Cut the waffle in two thin waffles and spread the waffle with the mix of syrup and butter.


  1. Love this! but will this be do-able with the other waffle pan thingy?

  2. No. They are completely different. Ths one needs a waffle iron that's pretty much flat. It just has a few small ridges making a criss-cross pattern. The other one is quite deep.