Saturday, December 3, 2011

New laundry

Oh, I've also had my laundry remodeled.

I forgot to take a "before" picture, but this is it now:

It's just a large cupboard off my kitchen. To get some idea of what it was like before, imagine it without any of the shelves, and instead of the bench and sink it had this tub …

… on your right, and a top-loading washing machine on your left. It also had a clothes dryer mounted on the wall above the washing machine that I kept banging my head on. I replaced both of those with a combination washer/dryer. I rarely use a dryer, but need it sometimes - like when I'm going on holiday and want every single pair of knickers, except the ones I'm wearing, clean and dry ready to pack.

I love love love my laundry now, it's like having a bit more kitchen bench space and an extra kitchen sink. I can make cheese there without clogging up the rest of the kitchen, and I can use my waterbath there for sous-vide cooking. The tap just nicely clears the top of the waterbath, making it so easy to fill.


  1. weii2

    it should be renamed 'special projects' room and not laundry! LOL!

    did you do it all by yourself, again?

  2. Goodness no, joinery is far beyond my capabilities.