Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hanging with guys in sheds

A Rocket Three in the process of being restored …

… drag bike in progress …

… it's taken about three years so far, and got as far as dyno testing. Then it blew a piston. The guys designed and built it themselves, and have made it too powerful for the pistons they originally bought. New super-duper ones have been ordered, but are at present "lost in transit".

These photos were taken the day before race day, here's Rob welding up a clutch part for Zot's Harley:

Zot turning another clutch part:

Putting the clutch together:

Beer is a necessity …

… but not advisable when racing. Ice cream is better:

Beer was required again after this happened:

Top of piston

Close-up of piston

Inside of head
A very expensive race.


  1. one picture missing.....

    what you are wearing in the workshop!

    have fun!

  2. On my feet - not much. Jandals, I think. On the rest of me, shorts and a cotton top.