Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sheep acting like sheep

I've been away in Christchurch for the weekend at a motorbike race meeting (that's why I didn't post any cooking), and on the way home my eye was caught by a number of sheep following each other around hillsides in single file - as in the proverbial sheep. Usually sheep just mill around with their noses stuck to the ground eating grass. When I got home and looked over the back fence I saw this:

More sheep being much more sheep-like than normal. I wonder if it's seasonal.

I've been eating snacks so far this week. I made another salami last night, and couldn't be bothered cooking a proper meal. I cut up a few pork trimmings, rubbed them in salt and curry powder (I like the flavour of curry powder, I don't care how unauthentic it is), quickly fried them …

… added some yoghurt, and ate them:

It was good too.

While I was making the salami and cooking up my 2 minute curry I was also boiling up some chicken carcasses for stock. I got three from the supermarket for about $2.50 and they actually had a decent bit of meat on them. After I'd made the stock I picked all the meat off the bones …

… mixed it in with a little soy sauce and mirin, and fried it in the fat from the top of the stock for a long long time until it was pretty nearly dry:

… I put it in the fridge where it should keep quite well. I can use it as a topping for rice or, as I did tonight, mix a little of it in with a vegetarian curry for extra flavour and protein.

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