Friday, July 30, 2010

Cream flats

New flats I bought from Schuh's sale:

They're taking a bit of wearing in. I do love them, but they're quite narrow. They're leather though, so they are stretching. I've worn them wet with thin socks around the house for half a day, then I wore them with thick socks likewise, now they're at the point I can wear them to work, but I still need to change into softer shoes to go for my walk.


  1. That's very informative. Does that mean that the next time a pair of size 3 leather pumps that wont' fit a size 4 me going for 70% off can be brought home?!!!!

  2. I don't think so Emily.
    It means that the pair of size 5 shoes that are fine in length for size 5 me but a bit narrow across the foot can stretch if they are leather. And if returning them to the shop would cost more than the shoes did!