Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Grey" shoe-boots

I've bought several pairs of shoes since Christmas, but haven't got around to wearing any of them until today. Most of them are also not very suitable for work (or for walking in at all for that matter) so I probably won't be posting any more for a while.

These are some shoe boots I bought from schuh.co.uk's sale. The colour is supposed to be grey.

To me it looks more like taupe, but there you go. It is the colour it looked on the website, so it is the colour I wanted. Just an odd name for it.

They're not super-comfy to walk in, but you can do it. They have about a half-inch hidden platform. And that zip you can see? Purely decorative. There's another on the inside that goes straight down which you use for getting them on and off.

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