Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sfogliatelle 2.

So, I was supposed to be going to Christchurch for some motorbike racing last weekend - but the earthquake put paid to that. Better luck next year.

The sfogliatelle pastry and filling I froze the weekend before was going to be used to make pastries to take away with me. There was no way I could eat that many withouyt blowing up like a balloon, so I thought I might as well do some good with them. I made them on the Thursday night, but instead of taking them to Christchurch I took them to work and sold them at morning tea time, raising $25 to send to Christchurch for the earthquake relief. Of course I did eat some too!

There wasn't quite enough filling for all of the pastry, so I used chopped apricot and nectarine for the extras:

I ended up with about one and a half trays full …

… and this time I didn't overcook them!

The basket I took them to work in - or, if you are fussy, in which I took them to work:

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  1. may I have some?

    working up courage to making this. candied orange peel of mine looking weird!!!