Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue Suede Shoes

Ziera, who used to be "Kumfs" and specialised in old ladies' shoes and never had sales because the styles stayed the same year after year, are having a sale. Just about a year ago they changed their name to Ziera because they felt it was a better fit for the more stylish shoes they are making these days. They are still incredibly comfortable, like wrapping your feet in foam rubber, but considerably less dowdy than previously.

I bought two pairs of shoes in the sale, this is number one:

Flat blue suede lace-ups, down from $220 to $110. Super comfortable. I just love the colour, although they are available in black leather as well. I'm wearing them today with black tights (as you can see), a short black wool dress, the cream Aran jersey I knitted recently, and a blue beret and scarf.

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