Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roast chicken

Before you eat steamed pudding, you have to have roast dinner.

We had chicken. I hadn't made a roast for ages and ages, but you don't forget how. It's about the easiest thing to make.

First stuffing for the chook. A couple of cups of fresh breadcrumbs, some parsley and sage from the garden chopped up finely, a big onion chopped finely and sweated in about 50g of butter, salt and pepper. Mix them all up and insert into the chicken's cavity.

I hadn't used all of the paprika-y melted butter I made on the çılbır we had for breakfast, so I smeared what was left over the chicken:

Into the oven for a couple of hours, then out again to rest, while I roasted some kumara, parsnip, carrots, beetroot, and tiny Brussels sprouts from the garden.

I also made cauliflower and parsley sauce (just bechamel sauce with parsley added), and the pan drippings from the chicken were made into gravy.

That's Kiwi soul food. Although there should have been potatoes.

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