Sunday, October 17, 2010

Haggis pies

What to do with left over haggis?

You can fry it and have it with eggs, which is good, but it gets a bit boring after a while. I decided to make haggis pies and see if they were any good cold for lunch.

I made a sort of scone-y pastry, not too much fat. And I used half and half wholemeal and white flour, with a handful of rolled oats added in just for fun.

I cut roughly 10 cm/4 inch circles of the rolled out dough and put a teaspoon of haggis on half of them…

… wet the edges and sealed the other half of them on top, with one turnover, because there was an odd number:

Then I baked them for 15 minutes or so in a hot oven:

They weren't too bad. Better warm than cold, but edible even cold. Next time I do it though, I'll put a spoonful of some sort of relish or sauce in as well to help with moistness and to add a bit more flavour.

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