Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miserable spring day

These photos were taken from my bedroom window. The first is across the hill, showing my lovely dwarf blossom tree getting blown to bits, the weeds growing rampant in my garden,  and a couple of sheep through the fence …

… the second is angled down the hill, showing the grey skies, grey harbour, and my neighbour's mottley lavender hedge:

Last weekend I was away "with the boys", partying in Timaru. Haven't really done any cooking recently, and all this weather makes me want to do is curl up in bed with a book. Which I am about to go and do, prior to getting ready to go out for dinner with the visiting brother of one of my friends tonight.


  1. seems bad weather everywhere!

    so whats that book you are reading?

    just finishing Patricia Cornwell's 'Book of the Dead' and started on her 'Cruel and Unusual' last night.

  2. Lots of books. My son bought me a Kindle for my birthday (which is not yet, but he owes me for the last 3 years so I got it early) and I've been ploughing through a lot of mysteries from Project Gutenberg. I love my Kindle.
    I read a lot of Patricia Cornwell years ago, but didn't much like her last couple of books. Stretching credibility a bit too much.

  3. Bronwyn, you have so much fun ahead of you, we in the northern hemisphere are heading into the dormant season, so we look forward to you reveling in spring!! Let us know what you have coming in season! Especially berries and such, we are looking at winter squashes right now and it's depressing (to me). Enjoy your warmer season and don't quit writing!!