Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Just a quick post before I go to spend a week in Invercargill at the Burt Munro Challenge.

I've been making a bunch of things to take away with me, and ended up with a spare egg white (after making aoli).

One egg white - has to mean meringues. The good old trusty Edmonds CookeryBook sits in almost every New Zealand kitchen, and I go to it for old standbys like meringues.

So easy: Beat the egg white until stiff …

… add in 65 g caster sugar …

… and beat again until glossy …

… put into a plastic bag (because my piping bag has inexplicably gone missing) …

… cut off a little bit of one corner …

… squeeze the mixture out onto baking paper in ~ dessertspoon sized blobs …

… then bake at 130°C for one hour, turn the oven off and go to bed.

Next morning, open the oven door to these:

Yum. And they keep for ever too.

I will be back in a week.


  1. You mean.... the above from just ONE (1), satu, eka, uno! egg white?


  2. Yes Emily, just one egg white. It's a very handy way to use one up when you've been making mayonnaise.