Monday, November 8, 2010


I just realised I've never actually done a yoghurt post.

It's as easy as anything.

Milk, skim milk powder, and some of the last batch of yoghurt (still in the fridge) :

A cup of skim milk powder in a 1.2 litre plastic container …

… mixed to a smooth paste with a little milk …

… then milk added up to the litre mark:

This milk was raw, so I pasteurised it by heating it to 80°C in the microwave. If I have freshly opened pasteurised milk I just heat it to ~42°C.

After it has cooled down (or heated up) to ~45°C I mix in a tablespoon of the old yoghurt, …

… and pour it into my big thermos flask:

The lid goes on and I leave it on the bench for about 8 hours or overnight, by which time it goes quite solid and looks very ugly when I turn it out:

But a quick whip with a whisk makes it beautifully smooth, and it goes into the fridge …

… where it will stay good for another 3 - 4 weeks.

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  1. oh yippee! a tutorial for yogurt! will be back to study this in depth!