Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pressed barley

Which, according to the Cooks Thesaurus and  Wikipedia, is not barley at all.

I saw it in an Asian supermarket in town and, as I love barley, bought it to try.

It seems to cook very quickly, which is a big plus.

I used it instead of rice in a fried rice sort of thing. Or fried pressed barley.

With mushrooms, broccoli, red asparagus, …

… a small onion, sliced, …

… and a few halved cherry tomatoes:

Then I sprinkled on a little curry powder and gave that a fry …

… before adding the cooked barley stuff:

It tastes and feels a like like ordinary barley, but maybe a little bit fluffier feeling? I don't know. It definitely cooks faster. I'd be interested in finding out what other people do with it.

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