Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Bargain

I bought these Red or Dead shoes a little while ago on TradeMe. They were brand new, and cost $30 as far as I can remember. That's pretty good for shoes that retail at £70 in the UK (~NZ$170).

This is their first outing, and finding something to wear them with was a bit of a mission. It had to be something that suited the shoes, as well as being at least mildly suitable for work. If I worked somewhere different it would have been easier, but I work in a university, where jeans are perfectly acceptable and a posh frock gets questions about whether you are going to funerals or job interviews. As it was, the only thing I could find was a plain black knit just-above-the-knee-length dress that I used to wear out in the evenings sometimes.

I don't think these red soles would go down that well at a funeral:

The most exciting thing I did today though, was order Snow Leopard from the Apple Store. It might even get delivered tomorrow! I bit the bullet and got iLife '09 while I was at it too. More geeky toys to play with.

I almost hope they don't get delivered tomorrow though - I want to make some parmesan cheese at the weekend, I have a party to go to on Saturday night, and I promised I'd make a heap of cupcakes on Sunday for fundraising for the SPCA. New operating system will make me want to stay home and play.


  1. OhOhoH! this pair I heart BIG time! Purple!

  2. Everyone loves these ones. Funny thing about purple, it's a colour that people go crazy about - I know at least two people who have purple wherever possible. Carpet, curtains, eyeshadow, lipstick, car, etc etc. I'm OK with purple, but I'm not nutty about it. Red, a nice deep red, on the other hand, I really do love. But not in carpet or eyeshadow!