Sunday, August 30, 2009

Very elegant new tights

Here are two views of me dressed up to go to Jo's party last night.

I finally had an excuse to wear those very elegant seamed tights. I bought them on the internet from England last year some time. I'm also wearing a new pair of very cheap black satin hidden platform pumps, and trying to do the whole Dita von Teese thing with my low-backed rose-y dress and little cropped red jacket. Not to mention make-up. I hardly ever wear any other than lipstick these days; it takes forever to put on because I can't see without my glasses, and it's very difficult to apply with glasses. This lot took about half an hour to do, and I still wasn't sure it was smooth and even. I ended up un-curling my hair after I took this photo too; I couldn't get it to look sufficiently 1950s-ish with the curling irons. It would only look middle-aged.


  1. You look lovely and those tights are sensual!

    I bought myself a pair of false eyelashes... Cant put them on without my glasses, cant put them on with my glasses! I hate it when my eyes get older with the rest of me!

  2. You need a very strong magnifying mirror. It still takes ages because you can only see one eye at a time, and you have to keep a specific distance away from it or you go out of focus, but they work. Mine's a 10X one, you can get 12X though and most people only need 5X.