Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pure evil

I should be ashamed of myself. I've been eyeing up these shoes for the past year, waiting for them to get cheaper. They did get cheaper, but only by $50 - they started at $200. So I waited some more, hoping they'd get as cheap as their cream suede sisters, which have $100 off. I have even resisted going into the shop for the last six weeks or so, but today I weakened.

It sort of helped that I'd investigated them on Endless.com, where I found that they are reduced from US$148.95 to US$127.70 and only available in brown. US$127.70 is the equivalent of NZ$186.50, so I started to think that $150 is actually quite a good deal.

Added to which, another pair of shoes I've had my eye on was down to $50, so I bought both, and figure that an average of $100/pair is pretty good for such cool shoes. Even if they are really high and I won't wear them a great deal. I justify my addiction by thinking my granddaughters will have a lot of fun with my shoes when they're older.