Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cool new tights

I hate photos of myself, but I had to post these new tights, and they look silly without the rest of me.

Grey fronts and black backs. As close as I'll ever get to the Chanel two-toned tights which I adore, but would never dream of paying for even if I could find them. US$200+!!!! For tights! ridiculous. These NZ$23 ones will do me fine, though I do wish they had them in cream and black.

I'm not really that fat either - the jersey and dress are baggy.


  1. coOOL tights. Like your combo colors for your attire to match them tights! Yup, the apparel's baggy.

    You look great! but different from what I envisaged you to be!!

  2. How did you envisage me Emily?

  3. Pan Asian? What with all your malaysian cooking!!

  4. Out of a book! I'm flattered that it seems genuine to you though. Must be a good book!

    I cook European too. The one thing I've never done is a hangi - which is native to New Zealand, but requires much digging and heavy lifting so is generally done by men. It ruins the back yard too.