Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bento prep

I used up a bunch of macaroni and my ricotta today. I pretty much just threw things together, without a proper plan. The ricotta became two things, one of them was little citrus custards like last week (except different) and the other was this pasta thing.

In the bowl is a mixture of ricotta, cooked macaroni tossed in a little butter and parsley, grated cheddar, and egg. The brown stuff is potted meat I made ages ago and froze. I'm having a bit of a clean out - trying to eat what's in the freezer. Anyway, I crumbled the potted meat (the texture changes when you freeze it) and layered it with the cheese-pasta mixture, then baked it.

Here the fruits of today's labours:

In the cupcake cases there are: ricotta citrus custards; macaroni mixed with sautéed Mexican chorizo (also from the freezer) and cheese, then baked; macaroni mixed with some roast kumara and egg and cheese, then baked with a little pesto on top. In the large containers there are roast veges; one has roast kumara and kabocha; the other has roast carrot, parsnip, and beetroot, with pesto mixed in. At the bottom is the potted meat/macaroni/ricotta thing, and beside it there is a small container with some slices of this …

… which I am taking to work tomorrow for people to try. It is my first attempt at prosciutto and I started curing it a year ago. Parts of it are really dried out - I think the pig needed to be a bit fatter - but most of it seems fine! You can see the dried out end on the right.

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