Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pork and plantain curry

The other week when I was setting up another batch of Spanish chorizo (no I'm not eating it all, I'm giving most of it away) I had about 600g of pork trimmings I hadn't used.

I peeled and chopped a plantain …

… and put it in my small slow cooker with the diced pork before adding some yellow Thai curry paste, tamarind paste, and a block of palm sugar:

Then I put in some powdered coconut milk and water, stuck the bit of bone from the pork shoulder on top and turned it on low for the day:

I snacked on the cooked bone and had 1/3 of the curry on rice for my dinner …

… and froze the other two helpings.

Yes that's yellow rice - it was left over from the night we had chilli for dinner, I'd cooked it with a bit of tumeric.

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