Sunday, June 13, 2010


Firstly flour tortillas.

Flour, melted lard, salt, water. Same sort of proportions (with lard taking the place of butter and water of milk) as scones.

Kneaded, divided into six bits …

… rolled out as thin as can be …

… cooked on a hot cast iron griddle for less than a minute on each side …

… perfect:

I am never buying these again. They are so easy to make, and I can make as few as I want, no need to use ten at once.



Then corn tortillas.

Masa harina, water. Mix.

Sounds easy, but getting exactly the right proportions is a bit trickier than flour tortillas. This mix is a little dry, I ended up adding a bit more water to each lump. The mix wants to feel about the same as gnocchi dough.

Rolling it out isn't quite as easy as flour tortillas either. You need to roll it between two bits of plastic. I used a couple of bags.

I also found that it was not so easy to get them flat on the griddle, and they ended up somewhat corrugated.

But then I had a brainwave, and cooked the rest in my panini press.

Nice and flat, but you need to be careful not to cook them to crispness. A hotter panini press might be a good idea too.

Still, I think I'll be making these again too. It might even be worth getting a tortilla press, but I have no idea where I'd keep it. My kitchen is full.

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