Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ham and Bone

I bought a leg of pork today. It was on special at $6.99/kg and was nearly 10kg. Just about tore my arm off carrying it back to work from the supermarket. It's going to become prosciutto; I'll post about the process when I do it. I actually have a few posts to do, but I've been flat out at work and just feeling like collapsing when I get home. And it's cold so I snuggle up in bed with a book and a hot water bottle.

These bone-coloured shoes are a recent purchase:

I saw them a few months ago and liked them, but they were too expensive for the wear I'd get out of them. Then I was in the shop the other day and they had just one pair left. My size, and half price. How could I resist? I don't have any other heels this colour either. And they're relatively sensible.

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  1. The serious situation of 'last pair left' and 'at half price' is a damn good reason for any purchase!