Friday, February 5, 2010


Real ones, not ordinary shoes with a bit of rope wrapped round the soles. They're old, and used to be a darker shade of green before a few trips through the washing machine.

They were actually reasonably expensive shoes to start with, but I got them in a sale for $40-odd at least 15 years ago. They're French, and those rope soles are soooo comfy. So much so that I've bought some espadrille soles and intend to make some myself with some soft grey or cream leather I have. I've been trying to find the proper string to sew them up with of and on - this project has been in the works for a few years. In the mean time I have bought a couple of other pairs of proper espadrilles, which I'll try to wear in the near future.

I promise I'll get back to food this weekend - last weekend I went away to a 60th birthday party 200km away in Timaru and actually partied until 11am! Wearing 4 inch heels no less. There's life in the old girl yet, but I really have needed the comfy shoes this week.

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