Friday, February 12, 2010

My internet shopping disaster

I bought this pair of espadrilles from here a few years ago. It was my one and only internet shopping disaster.

I ordered three pairs of espadrilles, in blue, red, and yellow, and one pair of espadrille soles. Some few months, several emails and a couple of expensive international phone calls after I ordered them they finally arrived. This was the only pair that was wearable, although I still have the soles. One pair came with one size 38 and one 37 shoe, the other came with the correct sizes on the soles, but there was about a two centimetre difference in the size of the hole your feet go through. The (English) guy (it's entirely possible there are new owners now, I can't possibly see how he could run a successful business, or any business at all for long) running the show was completely useless, I think he must have been on drugs or something. He told me to ship them back to him and he'd replace them, which I did, but I heard nothing more from him. By this time it had been much more than three months since the credit card transaction had gone through, so I couldn't even get my money returned via the bank.

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  1. des petites espadrilles toutes belles, si simples et bien chaussantes ... bon achat