Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shrove Tuesday

Not that I'm in the least bit religious, but I do like traditions and I love pancakes.

This is my version of Crêpes Suzette. I'm quite sure it's not how you're supposed to make it - for one thing, this has no oranges and no alcohol.

Step one, make a pile of crêpes:

Step two, melt together a big knob of butter, some sugar, and some citrus zest and juice - in this case it's lime, because that's what I had:

Step three, boil it down until it's syrupy.

Step four, dunk pancakes in syrup one by one, fold, dunk again, and put on plate.

Step five, pile on a good dollop of home-made yoghurt and grind some Lust over it:

Step six, scoff it down and feel very pleased that the Christians invented a festival for eating pancakes.

Step seven, feel even more thankful that I'm not religious myself, so have no obligation to observe Lent.

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