Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday night dinner

I spent most of today sewing. I have a big pile of fabric that's taking up valuable space and I'm determined to get rid of it. Especially as I'm having two lots of guests at the end of March and I want to have at least one empty drawer in each of the spare rooms for them to put some clothes in while they're staying.

Anyway, I finished getting rid of one bit of fabric at about 5pm today. Then I needed to eat.

I sautéed some potatoes …

… when they were nearly done I added some mushrooms and thinly sliced onion …

… stirred it around abit untill the mushrooms had shrunk and the onions had softened, then layered on some slices of gravlax that had been in the freezer and lost a fair bit of their colour …

… then tossed on some cooked spinach and poured four eggs beaten with a little milk over the top …

… a sprinkle of cheese …

… and into the oven for half an hour or so:

I also boiled most of a large cauliflower, made some parsley sauce (I really wanted cauliflower cheese, but it's too fattening and I do love parsley) and threw that in the oven too:

And here's my dinner:

And I think I'm going to be very sick of this meal in a few days; there is an awful lot left over. Oh well, the cauliflower will freeze and I can have frittata with salad for lunch some days.


  1. This looks delish!

    Your brother coming over for dinner too?

  2. My brother lives in Auckland, I only see him once a year or so. It was he who made me crave the cauliflower though, I was talking to him the other night while he was eating cauliflower cheese for dinner.