Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bee crap

My car is covered in it. I don't know what I thought bees did with their bodily wastes, but I never thought of them crapping everywhere.

I have these little yellow blobs all over my car.

This is because my car park is directly under this window:

Those little tubes are bee doors. A guy in our department does experiments involving bees, and has just moved them into new lab space behind the window. They had to put in the bee doors because bees are fussy and like to go outside to relieve themselves.

All over my car.


  1. Thanks for this highly informative post! Before this, I never gave a thought to whether bees crapped... so now I know!

    And quite a big blob from a small insect! They are insects right? ;o)

  2. They are insects, and the blob looks bigger than it is. It's a bit less than 1cm - but that is still big for a bee. I have since swapped my carpark for the Departmental one next to it; the visitors' cars can get crapped on instead of mine.