Friday, September 11, 2009

Salad and Cheese and Shoes (especially for Emily)

The weather is so nice I've been bringing salads to work for lunch all this week. They're all fairly similar; lots of lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, an egg, and some meaty thing, all with bought low fat dressing.

Today's egg is a miso egg, and the meat is Korean Beef from the freezer. Other days I've had salmon and roast pork and various curry eggs.

The curry eggs are made the same way as miso eggs are, except I use curry paste or curry powder mixed to a paste with oil and salt. The salt and flavour seem to migrate through the white to the yolks and make them very delicious - as well as colouring the whites. I bring the eggs to work still wrapped in their gladwrap and paste, and wash them just before I eat them.

I also brought one of my white mould-ripened Neufchâtel cheeses to work today for people to try. Here is some spread on crackers:

You can see that some of it is very gooey and ripe. The centres are less so, but it doesn't really matter with this cheese - it's not as chalky as camembert.

OK Emily, here are some shoes:

I bought these ones in London in 2005, and haven't worn them until today. They have another set of laces, in the natural rope colour so you can vary their look a little. I had a bit of a mission finding something to wear with them, and I'm going to have trouble with many of my other unworn shoes too I think. I'm going to need to buy some fabric and make a couple of things in cream. Not this week though.

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  1. Thought I posted a comment earlier......

    Wow! a post with my name in the title!!!

    The cheese looks delish and the shoes screameedddd ~ Spring is heREEE!

    Nice color!