Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inappropriate, but I'm wearing them

I first saw these shoes here. And here they are with Princess Poochie, as she calls herself, wearing them (from her Flickr page):

You can get a decent look at them here too. Then I saw them in person in a fancy shop in Auckland; they were well over $1000 (I can't remember, they may even have been over $2000). There is no way I'd ever spend that much on shoes, but I did love them.

The solution? Buy a $30 pair of shoes from No 1 Shoes and some fake roses from Spotlight, and do a bit of sewing. This is the result:

The roses aren't anywhere near as delicate as the Alexander McQueen ones, and the shoes a) are slightly lower heeled and b) have no sides, but apart from that, and at a distance, they are pretty good.

I wore them to the opera last year and got complimented on them by a total stranger. They are far more appropriate for the opera than for work, but what the hell. Gives the colleagues something to giggle at.