Sunday, September 27, 2009

Playing with meat

They had these wee 1.25kg lamb legs at the supermarket on Friday for $15 (that's ~US$10 or £6). It must have been a cancelled export order or something because that is quite cheap, even for here.

I rarely cook lamb, partly because it is expensive, and partly because I actually prefer hogget (that's 1 year old sheep) which has more flavour and is cheaper. Cold roast lamb is nice though so I decided to do the rosemary and garlic thing, but using some of the garlic I smoked a couple of weeks ago instead of fresh:

I picked the rosemary from the garden (and discovered that someone, has to be the lawn mowing man, has broken off a good half of the bush) and sliced the garlic. See how deliciously brown and smoky it looks when it's peeled:

I stuffed a bit of garlic and a bit of rosemary into several knife-stab-wounds I made:

Then roasted it at ~170˚C for 1 hour and 15 mins. I turned it half way, and this is how it came out:

I munched away on a few slices and I've frozen some slices with pan juices poured over, but I'll eat most of it cold.

They also had free range pork belly on special, so a got a couple of bits. One of them is sitting in the fridge covered in salt and brown sugar and turning into bacon, but this one I threw in the smoker with the ricotta salata:

then I salted and peppered and paprika-ed it and put it into the oven when the lamb came out. It's very delicious; falling to bits. But it's now sliced and in the freezer.

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