Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Damned computer

I think I've finally solved all my computer problems. I have spent about 3 days tracking down a preference file that caused my computer's control key not to work when running software under X11. Then I had to restore a whole heap of things that I changed in the process of finding it, but hopefully it's OK now.

This week I've mostly been wearing pretty boring shoes; I was going to wear these beautifully soft suede ones on Monday …

… but my feet are a bit sore and couldn't cope so I changed into these instead:

They're quite old, but another pair I'd bought and never worn. They have very square toes and are a little tight across the foot - but that is never going to improve unless I stretch them by wearing them.

The weather has packed in and I'm back to jeans and boots today. Mustn't complain about the weather though - we've had an amazingly good spring so far, the lambs are past the stage of being likely to freeze to death, and the pastures need water, so the farmers will all be happy with the rain.


  1. Thanks for the shoe report! The second pair looks comfy... btw what size are they?

  2. Size 7 NZ fitting, 38 European, 5 English.