Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We have Spring.

The willows, which were brown sticks last week, are all green and fresh looking:

The blossom is just gorgeous by the Registry building (the original University of New Zealand) …

… and on the baby trees by the sculptures outside our newest lecture theatre building …

… which contains a café as well as the monster lecture theatre and some small seminar rooms:

I have no idea what this plant is - I was going to say flower, but I don't think it is a flower, I think it's one of those bract things - it's very eye-catching in the Botanical Gardens:

The camelias are out in force - I'm going to have to go for a walk through the rhododendron dell soon, it's coming up for that time.

This is the fancy sculpture at the main entrance to the Gardens:

It has cultural significance. Don't ask me what, but it has it.


  1. thanks for the pics on flowers and spring....


    where are those shoes of yours!!?

  2. They're coming. I wore jandals ( today, very boring.