Thursday, May 20, 2010


I've had my eye on these for a while now, I went in yesterday and bought them with my tax refund money.

Kumfs is a New Zealand brand that makes super-comfortable shoes. They've only recently branched out into fashion shoes, for a long while they only made the sort of shoes that 80 year old ladies and people with foot problems wear. They are still of that quality, with built-in arch supports and very soft leather, but they've realised they can make them look good too. There are even a few styles with high heels, and some very nice looking boots. Comfort comes at a price of course, all the shoes are around $230 and the boots are $300 upwards.

I think these will be getting a fair bit of wear. Today I'm wearing them with a black merino twinset, black opaque tights, a soft floppy short cream skirt with big black polka dots, and a double string of my mother's old fake pearls. A complete stranger stopped me in the street to tell me I looked nice!

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