Monday, May 3, 2010

Recycling salt

A few months ago I started some preserved lemons. The recipe I followed had you more or less burying the lemons in salt, and it never did all dissolve. Last week I decided to consolidate my lemon jars and get rid of the undissolved salt.

Two big jars of lemons became one large and one small jar …

… and I really didn't want to throw away all of the deliciously lemon-scented salt that I rescued, so I decided to dry it out. I spread it on an oven dish and left it in the sun …

… and after a week it looked like this:

Considerably dryer, but still moist. So I stuck it on the oven overnight at 50°C while I was incubating yoghurt and ended up with this:

It doesn't taste of anything other than salt, but it smells beautiful. I've already used some of it in the brine for some halloumi.

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