Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pasta for dinner

One of Wil's friends came for dinner last night; I made pasta.

Pasta made from 375g flour, three eggs, and a little water:

Omnivorous pasta sauce; chicken, bacon (home cured by my brother's father-in-law), mushrooms, zucchini, onions, garlic, cream:

Vegetarian pasta sauce; as above, minus the chicken and bacon, plus some porcini powder for extra mushroominess:

Our dinners, with a good healthy spoonful of basil and parsley pesto on top of each serving:

And to top them off, the parmesan I made last year:

That's half of the pasteurised milk with no added lipase version in the front, behind that is half of the raw milk version that was a bit of a failure due to a mechanical failure of the cheese press. I.e. my home-made cheese press is ever so slightly tapered, the cheese was small, and the follower couldn't get far enough down the mould to compress the cheese properly. Hence all the the holes. I almost threw it out when I first made it, but then I figured I wasn't losing anything by keeping it and seeing how it turned out, so I did. It's actually not too bad. I have high hopes of the most recent attempt, which is made from pasteurised milk with lipase added and is making the downstairs beer fridge smell "like sick" as my granddaughter said when she visited, but which will not be ready to taste for a few months yet.

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