Thursday, April 16, 2009

…and again …

I've just been to the supermarket to get the last few bits and pieces for my dinner party - bean sprouts and cucumbers and suchlike things that don't keep super well. I can't find any salmon roe! The fresh stuff finished a couple of weeks ago, and I can't find frozen or bottled anywhere. What to do? I'll have to make some other sort of sushi instead of the hamaguri.

For lunch I'm still emptying the fridge of salad ingredients. I have the last piece of over-smoked salmon from the freezer too.

smoked salmon = 150 Cal
lettuce = 7 Cal
1 tomatoes = 10 Cal
cucumber =5 Cal
gherkins = 5 Cal
spring onion = 15 Cal
capsicum = 18 Cal
cottage cheese = 40 Cal
20 g feta = 65 Cal
"lite" dressing = 30 Cal

Total = 345 Cal

The shoes today are these elegant wee flats I bought in a sale at Hannah's just after Christmas.

They're not ideal for walking in; the soles are very thin and you can feel the hardness of the footpath through them.

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