Friday, April 3, 2009

Slightly more decorative today

In an attempt to make my lunch look a little more attractive I've sprinkled my lentil salad and poached chicken with tomato quarters and basil leaves. Basil goes really well with lentil salad anyway - I often include it. It got a bit squashed in transit, but it doesn't look too bad I suppose. I chopped the kiwiberry in half so you can see its innards (and to make it fit the box), and I also have the last bit of okonomiyaki and some baked falafels from the freezer.

falafels = 60 Cal
lentil salad = 110 Cal
chicken = 80 Cal
tomatoes = 6 Cal
okonomiyaki = 200 Cal
kiwiberry = 20 Cal

Total = 476 Cal

Getting up there. Yummy though, so worth it.

Silly shoes today. Bought them years ago and never wore them. They have 2 inch shiny gold spike heels and little metal and glass snakes attached to the fronts. Somehow or other they only seemed appropriate with clothes I'd want to wear pantihose with, and of course I can't because of the toe thong bit. They seem to go OK with today's hippie dress though.

I'm hoping the weather stays reasonable; if I want to wear different shoes each day for the next three months or so I'm going to have to get moving with the summery sandals. Mind you, I'm off to Adelaide in a couple of weeks, it should be warmer there - but on the other hand I don't want to be carting a gazzilion pairs of shoes with me.

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