Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another salad

Yesterday I bought a short dated "Tuscan" flavoured smoked chicken breast at the supermarket. I cut it into 3 x 100g pieces, froze two of them, and have the other in today's salad lunch.

100 g chicken = 150 Cal
lettuce = 7 Cal
4 cherry tomatoes = 12 Cal
cottage cheese = 40 Cal
1/4 small avocado = 40 Cal
spring onion = 15 Cal
bean sprouts = 15 Cal
1/2 capsicum = 18 Cal
dried fruit = 40 Cal
1 Tbsp Lite Thousand Island dressing = 28 Cal

Total = 365 Cal

Today's supermarket visit took me past the Museum Reserve - Autumn is definitely here.

But I had to wear the walking shoes I brought to work in a bag - these ones I'm wearing at work have four inch heels. Terribly elegant though.

They're my newest shoes, that I bought from Wild Pair's sale a couple of weeks ago. I'd been checking them out every now and then, but $235 was a bit much to pay for shoes that won't get worn often. Then they were reduced to $120 and I couldn't resist.

I have my eyes on some red and black shoes in a new shop that's just opened up. A funny shop - all of the shoes are $125 per pair, or $200 for two. If there was one other lust-after-able shoe in there I'd be tempted.

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