Thursday, April 9, 2009


I had to open a box of chicken stock last night, but only needed to use half of it. I thought I might just be piggy and make myself some risotto from what was left. I just made a basic risotto, but added a lot of kabocha squash at the end, to pad it out with a bit more fibre and make it a little less fattening. I have 1/3 of the leftovers in today's lunch, along with some hot-smoked salmon from the freezer and a very plain salad.

1/6 cup of rice = 107 Cal
chicken stock = 10 Cal?
squash = 100 Cal
parmesan = ~40 Cal

salmon = 150 Cal
lettuce = 7 Cal
capsicum = 18 Cal
cottage cheese = 40 Cal
dressing = 28 Cal

Total = 500 Cal

Right at my top limit.

Yesterday it was miserable and I got icy cold wet feet on my walk because I didn't wear the right shoes. Today I have boots.

I bought them online from in America when our exchange rate was favourable, and had to get the delivered to a friend's brother for the friend to collect when he was at a conference. People are so kind.

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